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As a full service provider, Tilted maintains a wide inventory of add-ons and upgrades for our clients. To order any of the below services, please contact us. Other services and software packages are available by request.


Internet security threats are on the rise, and an important defense against intrusions, denial of service attacks and other unauthorized access is a firewall. Our firewalls are dedicated appliances that stand between your server and the rest of the Internet, in addition to supporting VPN options between your servers at Tilted and your office and mobile networks. Our firewalls are custom developed and maintained by our administrators and security consultants, and are kept up to date with the latest patches and trends.


Our TiltAlert server monitoring system is designed to monitor your web site from several locations across the country and internationally and alert you to any possible problems with your servers or applications. Find out from TiltAlert, instead of from your customers. A truly invaluable service for running a commercial web site.


A backup schedule is only effective if its execution is disciplined. By using our backup services, you can ensure that your data is safely stored off of your server on a regular basis. Options include disk-to-disk, disk-to-tape and offsite storage at daily, weekly and monthly intervals. Why risk the loss of vital business information? Proper backups are priceless when disaster strikes.


By finding out where your visitors are coming from, you can better organize your online marketing campaigns and optimize your site's content for search engines. Urchin web analyses are fast and friendly, with an elegant web interface that tells you what you need to know. Tilted is an authorized reseller of Urchin.


One of the most important parts of making a site interactive is to make your customers feel confident that their personal information or credit card number is secure. As resellers of GeoTrust, Tilted can upgrade your site or server to display the secured "lock" icon in your visitor's browsers without the hassle of filling out complicated forms and waiting weeks for approval.


An important tool for communicating with your customers and peers is an email list. When reliability and efficiency matter most, choose Tilted's mailing list hosting service. We will host your mailing list on our powerful servers that are dedicated solely to mailing lists. Big or small, high or low traffic, pay just one low base fee and $3.75 per gigabyte of data transfer.


You can register your domain name with Tilted for convenience, security, and significant savings. Domain names are vital to the marketing of your business, so why risk losing your online presence due to lack of timely renewals? Take advantage of our 10 year registration service, now only $200 for 10 years of peace of mind. We are resellers of OpenSRS, the premier domain registration service by Tucows.

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As experienced system builders, we can upgrade your server's components and features to help you maintain top performance. We perform upgrades on all brands of servers, including our house brands. Common upgrades are RAM, hard disks, RAID controllers, faster CPUs and motherboard switch-outs. Contact us to discuss the options.

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$35-125/mo Available on:

Ensim's Webppliance control panel simplifies virtual web hosting for the basic virtual web hoster. A bit less flexible than CPanel, Ensim is best suited to hosting less than 150 sites per server. Individual Administrator, Reseller, Webmaster and User control panels with a common interface are included.

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$150/mo Available on:

Microsoft Exchange Server has become the commercial email server software of choice for enterprise-level applications with standard collaboration features and simple interfaces with wireless messaging devices such as Blackberry.

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$50-2000/mo Available on:

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 now features Web-enabled tools to simplify Internet based queries by working through Web permitting firewalls. With core support for XML, SQL Server 2005 is quickly falling into favor with Microsoft web developers.

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