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With Tilted's Managed Hosting, you can "let the professionals do what they do best" and concentrate on your business instead of your servers. Our server management packages give you peace of mind without the expense of hiring an in-house administrator to maintain your dedicated servers.

What is Managed Services?

Simply put, Tilted's Managed Services is enterprise-class IT management of your hosted servers and Internet services.

Why choose Managed Services?

Managed services offers customers expert systems administration skills without having a dedicated systems administrator on staff. Customers also benefit from streamlined and automated administration that would not be feasible to implement on a small scale. Small business customers without a dedicated IT staff can realize tremendous savings by outsourcing management, and larger business enjoy increased efficiency by maximizing their existing IT staff.

Why choose Tilted's Managed Services?

Tilted has over 10 years experience in providing rock-solid FreeBSD managed hosting. Linux and FreeBSD are the most common choices when choosing a Unix-like platform for server needs. Tilted's systems are designed to provide maximum performance and reliability, while remaining flexible enough to meet almost any server application's needs.

What is included?

Lots! It's almost easier to ask "what's not included?"

  • Tilted's custom FreeBSD implementation - featuring a highly-optimized hosting stack, perfect for PHP5, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Perl, and Python apps as well as MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Server Hardware - In the event of a hardware failure or suspected hardware issue, we will make every effort to correct the issue as soon as possible. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of spare parts for all server types, as well as service contracts on our high-end hardware and equipment. We will work quickly to identify the issue and will replace any failing or failed components as soon as possible after identifying the root cause of the issue.
  • Network Availability - Tilted strives to maintain constant network availability through the use of high-end network equipment, a fully redundant network infrastructure, and connections to multiple Internet backbones.
  • Initial Setup - We will work with you to setup and configure your managed server to your exact specifications. If no specific specifications are requested, we will deliver the server in basic working condition and allow you to setup and configure the server to meet your specifications and needs.
  • System Administration - We maintain sole administrative access to the server and maintain and administer the server to our defined known-good, stable specifications.
  • Maintenance of Essential Hosting Services - We will configure, maintain, and monitor any of the following essential services at your request to provide a high-quality hosting experience with maximum availability: Web (HTTP, HTTPS, supported web server software), mail system (POP3, IMAP, SMTP, supported MTA software, custom anti-spam system), FTP, SSH, supported database server software.
  • Optimization - We will work with you to ensure that your managed server is fully optimized for your apps and custom specifications, allowing you to realize peak efficiency.
  • Patches and software updates - We will handle patches and updates to the server's operating system and core software as necessary. By default, these tasks will be scheduled by us at will and as needed. Notification will be provided in advance if downtime is expected. If requested, you can request a specific schedule for this work, or it can be done only at your specific request.
  • System, disk, and log management - We will handle all aspects of system, disk, and log management on your servers, either to our standard specifications or any customer defined specifications, within reason.

Optional Services:

  • TiltAlert Monitoring
  • Managed Backup Service
  • Basic or Advanced Firewall Solutions
  • Consultation/Fee-based Support - Assistance, advice, and support of specific aspects of your applications, environment, or certain third-party software.

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