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T1 Internet Access

T1 access is perfect for businesses that transfer large files, have many office workers, or need a secure and private line to the Internet. Your T1 line connects directly to our data center, so your service is fast, secure, flexible and reliable.

Fees include all equipment (routers, switches, network cards) and installation.

T3 Internet Access

T3 access is 2-24x the speed of T1 access, making T3s the ultimate in Internet access for businesses. T3 lines connect directly to our data center, providing fast, secure, flexible and reliable service.

Access is available in tiers or as a burstable product, so you can balance the cost and speed of your connection. Equipment varies by immediate and long term needs. Please contact us to find out what will work best for you.


T1 Speed Setup Monthly  
Full T1 1.5M - Three Year Contract 1.5Mbps $499 $499 Call for Details
Full T1 1.5M - One Year Contract 1.5Mbps $1599 $599 Order
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T3 Speed Setup Monthly  
3 Megabits: 3.0Mbps $5000 $5000 Order
6 Megabits: 6.0Mbps $5000 $6750 Order
9 Megabits: 9.0Mbps $5000 $8500 Order
12 Megabits: 12.0Mbps $5000 $10250 Order
15 Megabits: 15.0Mbps $5000 $12000 Order
30 Megabits: 30.0Mbps $10000 $15000 Order
45 Megabits: 45.0Mbps $10000 $21000 Order
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