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Tilted Planet's primary goal is to provide excellent services to our clients, including network uptime and server reliability.

Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement ("SLA") covers performance guarantees for our network and server hardware, and is made between Tilted Planet, Ltd. ("Tilted", "Provider", "we", "us", "our") and you ("Client", "you"). This document may be updated from time to time, and will be located online at http://www.tilted.com/sla.html . Clients are responsible for checking this document from time to time, as notifications of updates will not be made.

Network Hardware

Tilted uses network and server hardware from Arista, Cisco, Dell, F5, Foundry Networks and SuperMicro. We use redundant hardware with redundant power supplies where possible, as some hardware does not provide this option. Our network is multi-homed for performance and reliability, providing access to multiple Tier 1 and Tier 2 networks through private, low congestion BGP peering.

Network Uptime Guarantee

We are proud to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This means that for any given month, while unlikely, it is possible that we may experience an average total downtime of up to 43 minutes per month, excluding scheduled maintenance. If eligible outages within a monthly billing cycle exceeds that cumulative limit, we will refund 5% (five percent) of the Client's base monthly recurring fee per hour of downtime, up to 100% (one hundred percent) of the base monthly recurring fee upon request to our billing department. This guarantee includes the Tilted network infrastructure ("realm of reasonable control"), including connectivity to our backbone providers, routers, switches, and the cables connecting the above. This Network Uptime Guarantee does not cover server hardware, or services that are dependent on server hardware. Hardware related guarantees are covered separately under this SLA. To be eligible for compensation under the the Network Uptime Guarantee, the Client must notify us of a possible downtime incident. Upon opening a support ticket, we will ascertain whether the problem exists within our realm of reasonable control. If the problem is within our infrastructure, we will measure downtime from the time we were notified of the incident to the time that the incident has been resolved.

Server Hardware Guarantee

Clients with dedicated servers hosted by Tilted Planet are eligible for our Hardware Guarantee. If a hardware component included as part of the Client's dedicated server hardware configuration fails during the term of our contract, we will replace it at no charge to the client. We guarantee the replacement of defective hardware within 2 hours of identifying the source of the problem. If the replacement takes longer than two hours, we will refund 5% (five percent) of the covered service item's base monthly recurring fee per hour of downtime exceeding the initial two hours, up to 100% (one hundred percent) of the covered service item's base monthly recurring fee. If replacement parts are not immediately available, transit time for any needed parts do not count toward the guaranteed replacement time window. This guarantee covers the power supply(s), cabling, CPU(s), motherboard, network card(s), hard disk(s), modem(s), and RAID or disk controller(s). This guarantee does not cover data recovery or restoration. The guaranteed replacement time window does not include time to rebuild a RAID array, although that service is included at no charge. Please note that support time to recover or restore data is not included or covered unless specifically stated otherwise on your contract.

Refund Procedures and Exceptions

Clients must notify us via email to billing@tilted.com or via a support ticket, indicating that they wish to pursue their rights as guaranteed by this SLA within 7 days of the incident. If a response from us is not received within 24 hours, the Client should assume that a technical difficulty has prevented us from receiving their request, and should contact our personnel via telephone at 866-484-5833. We are not required to provide SLA guaranteed service or refunds to Clients in default of their contractual obligations.

This document was last modified on 03/18/15